A Love for Halloween


We’ve been in the industry since 2002

Floating Phantoms began business as a Halloween prop manufacturer in 2002. Our first product was a life-sized floating ghost (thus the company name), based on a mechanism called the flying crank. (Thanks to Doug Ferguson of Phantasmechanics.) Over the next couple of years, we sold over 50 Floating Phantoms to various people and companies, including AstroWorld in Houston, and Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.


Graveyard fence

Unique and Eye Catching

Practical Props that Impress

We soon began expanding our product line, designing and manufacturing products geared toward the Home Haunter. One such product was our graveyard fencing, designed to give your Home Haunt a unique look that everyone would remember.  Yet, it has a practicality that every do-it-yourself-er loves:  easy to setup, and easy to store (20 feet of fence stores in a 12 x 12 x 40 inch box).

Our passion might be Halloween, but we obsession is quality.  We are constantly looking to improve our products, making sure that they are as high in quality as they are unique.

Case in point. Our first Floating Phantom (gen 2) was built in 2006, and is still working. You can check it out in the video above.

Even our Stores were Unique


Noticing that the DFW area was lacking a Halloween store that specialized in unique, adult Halloween products, Floating Phantoms decided to open just such a store. For Halloween 2008 Floating Phantoms opened its doors on the corner of Park and Preston, in Plano Texas.

We specialized in high-quality adult costumes, products, and décor, that could not be found at other seasonal Halloween stores.


And now Floating Phantoms has decided to bring a new, innovative, and exciting service to the Dallas area with:


Our 2010 Store